Veranda Plastic Lattice

Installation Tips

Even beginners will find Veranda Plastic Lattice easy to install. No special tools are required. Just follow these easy tips to install your lattice with ease.

Predrill oversized holes. Do not tighten all the way to allow for expansion and contraction.
Along the top, drill and fasten every 24". Drill holes and hang through both molding and panel.
Along the sides and bottom, drill holes and but screws through the molding only.

Allow a 1/4" gap on all sides for expansion with cap and divider moldings.

Important Installation Tips

  • Under deck, install wooden blocks or stakes as support points if none are available.
  • If the lattice bows, loosen attaching screws and make sure you have allowed enough gap for expansion and contraction.
  • Use #8 stainless steel sheet metal screws to maintain the beauty of your project.
  • Place fasteners 24" apart for best results.

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